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Why U4RIA ?
  • Niche Exposure: As a top tier meditation app, U4RIA boasts a community eager to explore transformative retreat experiences like yours.
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  • Global Audience:  U4RIA's user base spans continents, offering your retreat the chance to resonate with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

It's a global community of individuals actively seeking holistic well being solutions. Every feature, from guided meditation sessions to global yoga experiences, is crafted to cater to the diverse needs of our growing user base. This presents a unique opportunity for retreats like yours to gain niche visibility and engagement from a committed audience.


Barter & Collaborate

We value synergy! Beyond just featuring your retreat, let's explore barter opportunities. Maybe there's a unique experience your retreat offers that our U4RIA users would cherish. In exchange, we can amplify your retreat's presence on our platform. A win-win for both!


Easy Integration

Providing us with details about your retreat, be it stunning photos, exclusive offerings or schedules is a breeze. Our team ensures your content integrates seamlessly, making your retreat shine amidst our rich tapestry of well being resources.



SEO-Centric Promotion

U4RIA isn't just another meditation app. Our substantial investment in SEO and targeted advertising guarantees that our Fall 2023 launch and your retreat captures ample attention. Your retreat will benefit from our strategic online promotions, targeting keywords and trends in the meditation and wellness space.

Join the U4RIA Family

Contribute to our mission of creating a space where well being and self discovery are at the forefront. Let's transform lives together!

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